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Why I don't offer Groupon discounts

by Dr Chris Thiagarajah on 12/05/13

Today I had a patient ask me if I ever did a groupon discount for eyelid surgery. My simple answer was "No I don't". People may ask why. The reason is simple. Plastic surgery is serious business. There is nothing "discount" about it. For each case I perform, I take careful attention and care. I have had colleagues who have offered "discount" botox, fillers and even surgery. I feel it is very hard to dedicate the exact same attention and detail to something that is offered as a "discount". I have had patients come to see me after "discount" eyelid surgery with complications where they have been told afterwards "Well, atleast you got a good should be happy". I don't consider that appropriate. Most of the time, you get what you pay for. If you pay a discounted rate where the goal of the surgeon is to make up the lost revenue on volume, you will not be getting the attention and care that is needed. It isn't the type of practice I want to have. For the patients who are seeking a "discount" procedure I recommend seeing a surgeon who offers that. If a surgeon wants to have a practice where they offer discount services that is great. They may even have an all you can eat buffet in the waiting room while you wait for your procedure. 

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